Foreskin Restoration

There are many ways in which you can go about Foreskin Restoration…and there are just as many wrong ways, if not more that result in unsatisfying results, mishaps, frustration, and even losing hope and completely giving up.

Foreskin Restoration Methods

Thankfully, there are a few methods that can and will restore your foreskin. One of the seemingly simplest and inexpensive ways is the “Taping Method.” While there are men who give their testimony that it’s showing results, these results are visibly imperfect. At AskMarissa, we strive for ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. While we cannot grow stem cells that might regenerate the 10,000 to 20,000 nerves you may have lost in the 8 to 12 square inches of skin that was amputated, nor can we re-fuse a frenulum for those of you who lost that in a full or botched circumcision, we can help you to restore the double-layered sleeve that should completely cover and protect the most sensitive part of your penis, which is the Glans Mucosa.

The Glans Mucosa, as the name suggests, is a Mucous Membrane. Upon birth, it was naturally protected by a healthy and eventually retractable and self-lubricated foreskin. The foreskin is equally as vital to a woman’s clitoral hood, regarding its worth to helping to protect genital health, allowing sexual pleasure, and in experiencing the full magnitude of an orgasm. Just as the clitoral hood protects the extremely sensitive bundle of nerves responsible for the primary source of sexual pleasure, or the clitoris in women, the Foreskin is naturally there to protect the highly sensitive, innervated glans that is the primary source of sexual pleasure in men. The glans mucosa joins with the frenulum, which, sadly, the majority of North American men have had taken from them.

How long will it take?

It will take time and effort, but if you are willing and determined to be whole again, within 3 to 6 months, you will be seeing MAJOR results! Although it may take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to be able to put away the device for good and consider yourself de-circumcised, the feelings of jubilee and the ability to proudly say that you courageously reclaimed your Manhood…notwithstanding the exhilaration of never-before-felt sensations during sex for you and your partner…will void any hesitation or frustration you may have felt prior to making the commitment to embark on the road of recovery and healing you had in front of you.

What to expect?

We must reiterate that while we do believe in miracles (and you should too!), foreskin restoration will not replace the innervated tissue that has been amputated. However, what it will do is regrow and re-train the skin of the penile shaft to completely cover the glans penis and to protect it so that it regains its function as an actual mucus membrane, rather than the callused (keratinized) extension of the shaft that it’s unnaturally morphed into through years of exposure and friction. You will enjoy incredible levels of pleasure and sensitivity that you and your partner have never felt before as the glans penis (head) begins to retain moisture, but please do not feel like this process is not worth it because the nerves that were lost in your original foreskin that was excised will not regenerate!

You will absolutely know its worth it when you start to feel the skin from your shaft begin to elongate over your glans (head), as there will be a gliding sensation during sex that will create intense pleasure. Any fear pain, discomfort, erectile dysfunction, difficulty reaching orgasm, or psychological issues from the aforementioned issues that was suffered before due to friction or the minimal pleasure experienced by the shaft and the keratinized head will vanish. The skin will continue to elongate until it eventually and permanently covers the head on its own.

During this process, you will witness your glans penis begin to regain its function as a glans penis mucosa. It will start to “remember” how it is supposed to be glossy, slippery, and self-lubricated with intense sensitivity that is nearly comparable to female’s clitoris. During the beginnings of the process, though, as the glans/head and inner foreskin begin to dekeratinize and take on their original characteristics of mucus membranes, there will be a heightened sense of newfound sensitivity that you are not used to. Until the foreskin elongates enough to completely cover the glans/head, the re-generating mucosal tissue will be super sensitive to anything that touches it—including clothing, and even bedding. If you are unable to withstand the new sensitivities while waiting for the foreskin to complete its full re-growth, you may be interested in wearing something called a retainer that will help to keep the foreskin forward, especially while out and about or in the company of others.

We are here for you

Please be assured that AskMarissa will be here for you 100% of the way. Do not be afraid to contact us about any questions or concerns that you may have while you reclaim your Manhood. You may have many questions along the way regarding the technicalities of the equipment. You may ask, “Am I using it right?” or “Is this supposed to happen?” or “Is it supposed to feel this way?” and so on and so forth. No question is “stupid” or “annoying” or “ridiculous.” We’ve heard them all, and they ALL are equally important, especially those that pertain to how you may be feeling psychologically or emotionally as you finally see yourself making headway in regenerating a part of your body that you had inexplicably and so savagely taken from you, only days after you first arrived in this world. It may not remove the anger over being a victim of a severe ethical violation, but it will help to restore the subconscious (or conscious) sense of authority that you may have lost, as well as some of the gratification that was stripped from you and your partner. We will provide assistance to you during this journey. We are here for you for technical and emotional support. For only $60, we will bring you on your way to reclaiming your manhood–to getting back what is yours.

There are several ways that one can go about restoring his foreskin. Few are efficient, and often cause men have unsatisfying results or to lose hope and give up completely. One man might swear by his method of taping, whereas another man damns the taping method to hell for causing asymmetry in the shape the foreskin took as it finally covered the glans. To treat every penis the same would be the same as to treat every man as the same person and not as a unique individual with a unique lifestyle and unique situation.

As stated above, there are several different foreskin restoration methods. These include:

⬢ Tugging Device
⬢ Taping Method
⬢ Dual-Tension Devices
⬢ Inflation Devices
Weighted Device

While there are men who have had success with each and every single one of these methods, the methods that we at AskMarissa stand by for the high success rate, symmetry, and comfort factors are the Weighted Device and multiple variations in the Manual Method. Although the Retainer is not a method of initiating foreskin restoration, we highlighted it because it is of absolute necessity that during times between using these methods, or if you need a small break from foreskin restoration for whatever reasons, the glans will need to be covered to protect it due to its newfound sensitivity, as well as obviously to retain the progress the foreskin has made so far.

No matter which method you choose, you should NEVER have a device or tape on your penis while you are exercising or doing any form of heavy labor. Unnecessary stress will be put upon all parts of the penis, not to mention the discomfort and pain that will ensue. Additionally, it could yield terrible results regarding symmetry and not allowing the glans mucosa to fully recover to its mucus membrane state, thus not receiving all the benefits you looked forward to upon choosing to take back your Manhood. That being said, we do prescribe a weighted device for quick results and/or for those who have a lower scar line (less of a foreskin to work with), but the method that receives our highest recommendation is the Manual Method. No matter what you choose, we will guide you through step by step, and be with you for any questions or concerns, whether they are technical, physical, or emotional concerns. The key to all the methods, of course is to fully exercise precision and consistency to the highest possible degree that you are capable of, and that fits best with your schedule, lifestyle, and access to privacy when needed.

On a budget?

We also understand if you are on a budget or are in financial hardship, which is why we are happy to provide you with a video that may be of help. The following video demonstrates the modification of two silicon baby bottle nipples that can be purchased cheaply at Wal-Mart. This is mostly recommended by us as an effective retaining device once your foreskin restoration is underway; however, anything is possible. We suggest that you can use it combined with a manual tugging regimen.  This is the perfect device for beginning stages of restoration. For those with little to start with, it will restore enough foreskin to be able to move on to other devices, if necessary. Again, if you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone. We are here to help.

Lifetime Foreskin Restoration Support

If you need further assistance through your Restoration process, we are here to help! For a small lifetime fee of $60.00 USD, you will benefit from our knowledge, insights and support. This includes:

⬢ Information about new devices or methods;
⬢ Guidance for your physical restoration;
⬢ Natural moisturizing recipes to prevent or reduce irritation;
 Mental support and Emotional counseling during your progress;
⬢ Answers to all your questions!

* The above can be done either through phone or e-mail.

Only $60.00 USD for Lifetime Support!
If you have any questions or would like to schedule via e-mail, you can e-mail us at