Cancer is not ‘From God’

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One of the first things we as humans must realize is that, in the case of cancer or other chronic illnesses, these diseases are not “punishment.” God does not give us diseases to “punish” us, and certainly if we were to look at all the good-natured and benevolent individuals who have suffered and died at the grips of cancer, especially children.

We can come to the conclusion that cancer and other diseases are the consequences of living in a “fallen” world, one which is overridden by negative energy and entities and a malevolent spiritual influence that has the majority of these some 7-billion minds under its demonic control. Cancer does not discriminate; it recognizes no boundaries on race, religion or non-religion, ethnicity, political beliefs, or whether you are a saint or a murderer, rich or poor, or which hemisphere you reside in.

Anyone could fall victim to cancer…at least anyone who does not know and understand the unseen source of cancer.

There are many things that “the experts” claim cause cancer, and one of the things that they lead us to believe causes cancer are carcinogens. While carcinogenic agents may be part of a trigger that paves a clear road for cancer, they really have little to do with initially developing a cancer, save for the location of the cancer or which type of cancer develops. What needs to be addressed more than anything are carcinogenic emotions.

Carcinogenic emotions need not come from ourselves. They most often come from others, not just other humans, but also from animals. When we consume animal flesh, we are ingesting the body of a murdered being of God. More than that, we are also ingesting all its emotions—the sadness, the anxiety, the depression, and most importantly, the FEAR.

Fear is the most toxic, carcinogen on this planet. Not only does fear feed cancer, but it also feeds the collective negative energy pervading the earth. Call this negative energy “Satan,” or “Demons,” or “Aliens,” or “The Erev Rav/Mixed Multitude;” it is still all one in the same. It is our fear that helps source this invisible plume of cancerous energy that provides for the imbalance of evil over good, thus allowing cancer to flourish.

Cancer , Health , Holistic , Carcinogen , God

We are stuck in thoughts that are completely unfounded. They are thoughts and sayings that have no evidence to show validation to their veracity. The worst of these common ingrained thoughts is some variation on the following: “It’s always been that way,” or “This is the way we’ve always done it,” or, “It’ll never work because that’s just not the way we do things,” or “That’s just the way it is!” These sayings have no value and absolutely need to be erased from the automated phrase banks of human minds. We eat meat because we’ve always done so. We spray foods and plants with poison because “We’ve always done it that way.”

We waste most of our lives doing that what we don’t love, working for a phony currency in a fabricated reality under a fake system run by someone or a group of people (“elites”) nobody knows, so to spend the artificial dollars that we gave our precious Time for on things we do and mostly don’t need because, “That’s just the way it is.”

It’s the same answer as to why we get cancer. Because, “That’s just the way it is.”

Society lives their lives blamelessly and mindlessly, always doing the same things over and over without ever questioning the way things are, and suddenly, when bad things happen… … …like cancer… …

…We blame everybody but ourselves.
Worst of all, we put our trust into everybody but ourselves.
So, why does God let this happen?
Why doesn’t God help?

Christians think, “Jesus will provide a miracle!” Muslims think, “Allah will save the day!” Atheists think, “There must not be a God because no God would allow good people to suffer and die of cancer.” Jews think, “… … …anti-Semitism!”

Essentially, what the answer at the root of this is—GOD ALWAYS GIVES US WHAT WE HAVE ASKED FOR. While it hurts to admit it, because we don’t like to see ourselves as part of the equation to the suffering in the world, but the world really is the way it is because…

…that’s exactly what we all have asked for by contributing to how it got this way. By being asleep and trusting our lives to those who want nothing less than to continuously hurt us, and to partake in the money game “they” run by gambling with our Time and our Health, what do you really expect to be the return, other than an imbalance of grief and suffering and confusion, such as that which cancer brings?

We live lives that slowly eat away at the very essence of our being —our Health— by lying to ourselves and pretending that we are genuinely happy, and that our Souls are aligned with what we doing with our lives (our minds and bodies). We wait and wait and wait until the eleventh hour in states of mental and physical dis-ease to seek out what our body and flesh craves, which is Natural Medicine, and we have numbed to the point of emotional insensibility what our minds crave, which is to return to our True Selves (who we truly are) in the Here and Now.

“Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate (do only that which you Love), for all things are plain in the sight of Heaven.”

Jesus (“The Gospel of Thomas,” Nag Hammadi Scriptures)

So before you go blaming The Creator for all the cancers in the world, stop and think about what you would have done differently if money weren’t a thing and you suddenly remembered who you were before society told you who to be. And THAT is how you crack the code to cancer. Stop simply existing and start living. You can cure cancer in these 9 Steps:

  1. Stop whatever you are doing right now. Just stop.
  2. Tame all the negative thoughts running amuck in your head that cause worry, negativity, mindlessness, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and most especially, FEAR. Tell them that YOU’RE the boss and they need to get out. NOW.
  3. When you have finally made some space for your own thoughts, dive into your inner being, and bring with you only positive queries. For example, what makes you happy? What do you Love? What are you good at? What is your best memory? Who do you Love most? Who do you have the best time with? Why do you want to be healthy, if not just for you? What makes you smile?
  4. Make arrangements, if needed, to spend as much time every day in Nature. Remove yourself from the materialistic existence.
  5. Stop looking to money for everything you need.
  6. Unplug from society and take your power back from those who have convinced you that you can’t survive without “them.”
  7. Search for yourself in God and God in yourself. When you realize that you are God and that God is you, you will also realize that you have power to destroy and create. That is, you can either give “them” the power to slowly kill you with “their” poison, -or- you can take the power to HEAL YOURSELF.
  8. Realize that your body is a temple for a God. Begin now to make the repairs and renovations needed to fix the structural damage that cancer may have caused or has already caused. Do this by:
    1. Continuing the steps above
    2. Adopting a diet that is:
      1. Organic and Natural
      2. Alkaline—in order to maintain an almost perfect pH that approaches 7.0 and only hovers around 6.9, we must eat an alkaline diet with only a few acidic staples, such as garlic, burdock, carrots…
      3. Vegetarian
      4. Agrees with your ethnic make-up (see Ethnonutrition)
      5. Low in Carbohydrates (absolutely nothing refined!)
      6. Low or completely absent of white sugar
      7. Rich in minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, and Zinc.
      8. Rich in Vitamins A, B-Complex, C, E, and K2.
      9. Full of Herbs that boost your immune system and makes your body inhospitable to cancer, such as Echinacea, Burdock, etc.
    3. Get plenty of safe Sunlight (especially the Red-Spectrum Light at Sunrise and Sunset)
    4. Commit to an Alternative Cancer Treatment (one that will actually kill the cancer and not kill you) that you are drawn to…that you feel most confident will work for you (e.g. Vitamin B17, Hoxsey Recipe, Essiac Tea, Fruit Fasting, etc.).
Cancer , Health , Holistic , Carcinogen , God

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