Holistic Health Services

So, what is “Holistic Health?” When most people think of Holistic Health, they may think of only treating prevalent health conditions after allopathic (Western) medicine has failed or has made them too sick to recover. Conditions that come to mind in Holistic Health services may be digestion, immune system improvement, stress, sleep disorders, cancer, allergies and skin conditions, migraines, degenerative illness, fertility, menopause, and even cardiovascular health.

However, Holistic Health is not confined to treating health “problems.” Holistic Health is a Lifestyle. It is an approach to Life. While a lot of Holistic Health does focus on illness or specific parts of the body, it is more so an ancient approach to Health OVERALL. An easier way to think of Holistic Health is to spell it WHOLE-istic Health. All our aspects of Health are interdependent. When one has an issue in the body, the mind is also affected.

Often times, a problem with the mind can be rooted in a lack of spiritual nourishment. By and large, the trinity of mind-body-and spirit can be weakened by a neglect of oneself. YOU are the most important person you have! Self-Care is the biggest factor in how your health plays out. You may have the best of everything–but if you don’t take the time to CARE for your health and take control of your habits instead of letting them control you, you essentially have nothing. Holistic Health addresses the Mind, Body, and the Spirit as one, which is why we firmly believe at AskMarissa.com that Fitness and Nutrition play such a crucial role in a person’s overall well-being.

By looking into the diet and lifestyle of a person, many future ailments can be prevented by renovating day-to-day habits. Holistic Health is a WHOLE approach to treating anything—from illness to weight loss to depression to infertility to injuries—Holistic Health emphasis the connection between mind and body, and also the importance of a healthy outlook on Life (Spirit). Bringing health TO the body’s insides is equally as important as exuding health with positive thoughts, words, and actions.

Holistic Health Initial Consultations

Unlike Fitness and Nutrition, Holistic Health cannot be contained inside of a “package”. A full Holistic Health consultation usually lasts between 45 to 60 minutes and is similar to a visit to the M.D. (medical doctor), but instead of a 15-minute impersonal (and sometimes awkward) run-through that usually leads to a quick and inconclusive diagnosis without the ability or courage to ask the M.D. questions, followed by a prescription to fill at the pharmacy, Holistic Health consultations with AskMarissa are very compassionate and genuine.

During our 45 to 60 minutes Holistic Health consultation. We will discuss your health history, concerns, current health status, and anything else you feel necessary to address!—and we mean anything! I will compile all the data I need in order to design a your unique personalized Healing Program. In addition, there may be a few extra costs, which could include recommendations regarding some low-cost blood work (which can be requested from a local walk-in lab/clinic), as well as where and how to find certain products (medicinal foods, herbal/mineral/vitamin supplements, etc.) if needed. 

** Unlimited questions or concerns, via text or email, are included in the period between the initial consultation and the follow-up visit(s).

I enjoy giving my clients unlimited access to either ask questions or to check in with progress, because I am excited about your progress, and also I want to keep you motivated and on the right track in achieving your new health and lifestyle goals with 100% success! Ensuing follow-ups in-person, by phone, or online are determined by your healing process, and are usually weekly or monthly for whatever amount of time it takes for us to get you feeling great again.

$110.00 USD
If you have any questions or would like to schedule via e-mail, you can e-mail us at contact@askmarissa.com