Penile Health Determines Overall Health

With all the attention on Women’s Health, it is not surprising that so many Men’s Health needs are not addressed. Most men remain silent about their health, especially the health of their most favorite body part—their Penis. Women’s Health absolutely deserves attention to the highest degree, as a women’s reproductive health is extremely complex and intricate—even to the point that still to this day we do not understand the mystery of conception much less the laws of nature and physics that women defy and the pain threshold and endured creating life, developing another human body within her, and going through agonizing measures to deliver it into this world with the expectations and pressure to recover as soon as possible. While it is imperative to the preservation of human kind that women, as the incubators of life, must be given most of the care and attention, this does not in any way mean that Men’s Health should wait on the sidelines in terms of medical importance or research priorities.  A man must have a healthy penis to function as a healthy person

Whenever the topic of women’s health arises, the main focus aside from babies and fertility is usually on “balancing hormones.” Women are notorious for suffering from imbalanced hormones due to poor lifestyle and nutrition habits, as well as from their recent introduction into the extra (and unnecessary) stresses of the workforce/career world. Little progress about androgens (men’s hormones) is made in regards to research, despite the fact that what we do know about them shows us evidence of how debilitating and destructive a shift in hormonal balance can be for a man—AND those who share their lives with him. Although a woman withstands many, many reproductive health changes throughout her life, these changes are NATURAL and should not impact her ability to function as a healthy person. Additionally, a caring partner will understand that there are times—and usually predictable or foreseen times—when a woman will understandably be “out of commission” and will need special consideration regarding her discomfort. However, a hormonal imbalance in a man have dire consequences on him…and his penis. A vicious cycle is then commenced—the hormonal issues cause an inability to perform, which cause insecurity and psychological issues…which then perpetuate the hormonal issues…which then perpetuate the insecurity and psychological issues…and so on and so forth. Unlike a woman, a man must have near-perfectly balanced hormones to have a healthy sex life and to ensure his ability to function as a healthy person. This is a fact that is too often overlooked, and society needs to start being more sympathetic to Men’s Reproductive Health. offers self-help research for Men’s Health, as well as services that offer personal guidance and support.