Smegmatics 101: The Essential Foreskin

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The foreskin has protective functions, just as the eyelids protect the eyes, the foreskin protects the glans penis mucosa so to preserve its characteristics as a slippery, shiny, and moist erogenous zone.

The foreskin is also lesser known for its talents in being a master of chemistry. It maintains optimal temperature and humidity for the glans, perfect pH balance, provides lubrication both sympathetically and on demand (during foreplay/arousal, and contrary to what popular culture’s myths, it is self-cleaning! The inner foreskin and the glans is a mucus membrane which contains ectopic sebaceous glands. These glands secrete emollients and protective antibodies that are absolutely necessary to maintaining a perfectly functioning and sensitive glans, as well as excellent penile health in general. These are the same emollient glands which are found in the eyelids, which is why the foreskin has been recently likened the foreskin on a penis to an eyelid.

To continue with the self-cleaning mechanism of the foreskin, we will visit the foolishly condemned issue of Smegma. Smegma, interestingly enough, is a unique word that is derived from the Greek-to-Latin words smēgma and smēkhein, meaning soap and to wash/cleanse, respectively. Smegma is an accumulation of exfoliated epithelial cells, serous transudation (a low-protein fluid emitted through a membrane or pores), sebum, and moisture.

Smegma has been proven in to contain bacteriostatic (an agent that prevents bacteria from reproducing), and anti-viral properties. Additionally, it is important to make a note of the pheromonic properties of smegma.

Pheromones are often neglected or overpowered by deodorants and other hygiene products, but that doesn’t override the biological and chemical importance of them.

Pheromones are exceptionally significant in determining our chemical attraction to someone, and being that we have been conditioned to overpower them with fragrances, perfumes, and yes—even remove them completely through circumcision—there may be some truth to the notion that too many bad or failed relationships are suffered due to the fact that we no longer rely on pheromones as a precursor to whether or not we might mix well and have that “chemistry” with someone. As stated previously, smegma contains the vital pheromones that would help send signals to a female regarding the authenticity of her attraction to a male.

Before females who are reading this go on parroting their mainstream propaganda from filthy, immature shows such as Sex and the City, or any number of articles in trashy magazines that go on ad nauseum about “how gross”  or “how smelly” smegma is, so to condition them to go against what nature intended for all and instead be programmed to prefer the cosmetics and “cleanliness” of a circumcised penis, no matter the degree of dysfunction or injury sustained on behalf of their male counterpart in his infancy, they should maybe just stop for a moment.

Women need to think for themselves for a moment (if they are capable of doing so), and examine their own physiology and anatomy. Women need to succumb to the concealed reality that “gross” and “smelly” smegma is not singularly a male bodily substance.

Smegma is absolutely vital to ensuring the health and chemistry of a female’s external sex organs. It collects around the clitoris and the inner labia to protect their pH and moisture levels. A female who denies that she has never collected a moist, white substance from her labia at the end of the day (especially a hot day or after a work-out), is an outright hypocrite who refuses to believe that she herself is free from blame and free from being conscientious (and feeling self-conscious) when it comes to producing smegma…but that her male partner is NOT.

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