Our Holistic Mission

By using protocols that minimize the risk of harm, Holistic Health works with the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health. Believe it or not, your body does NOT WANT TO BE SICK. Your body wants to maintain the best condition it possibly can for you and your ultimate happiness. It wants to ensure that you flourish and live a long, healthy, active life–but when society suddenly begins to re-define the natural habits and lifestyle and eating habits of how humans lived until about the Industrial Revolution, and rapidly adjusted it more and more to deviate from what is natural, the human body begins to rebel and goes into a state of dis-ease.

The body WANTS to maintain homeostasis, or the tendency toward a self-regulated stable equilibrium among all physiological processes. To try to balance modern life with the natural life that was lived by humans since our creation is increasingly proving to be a very difficult journey for most to venture on alone. That is why we are here. AskMarissa.com offers online Holistic Health, Fitness & Nutrition counseling services (as well as in-person) so that we can use a self-guidance technique to bring you to your best.

We at AskMarissa aim to offer the best Genetics, Health, Lifestyle, Fitness and Nutritional services. Our knowledge is based on Ancient Vedic Scripts and various Western Medicine Studies which identify and expose the current unhealthiness of today’s society, and emphasize to the utmost degree the importance of balance in your life–physically, mentally, sexually, and spiritually.

Our purpose at AskMarissa is to restore humanity’s health by returning to Earth’s Naturopathic roots. This can only be achieved upon acknowledging that Mother Earth has already marvelously created and engineered innumerable plants and herbs in order to treat and restore our bodies natural homeostatic state.

If a perfectly healthy body is priceless, then why are pharmaceutical “cures” so expensive? This is the main reason why everyone needs to be aware that pharmaceutical companies have a hard time profiting from plants as compared to their over-priced, unhealthy and quite unethical  “miracle drugs”. A simple look at the absurd and unexplainable prices of medications which, according to a Washington Post report, rose by 57% between 2006 and 2014, this blatant price gouging demonstrates how your money is the only cure to the unhealthy wallets of pharmaceuticals.

By choosing us, you must be ready to be swooped in by new knowledge and factual information on the various chronic conditions and illnesses that we are intentionally being plagued by. They profit from keeping us unhealthy, sick, and uninformed. AskMarissa is here to expose this dirty truth and to shut down the medical cult by re-establishing Healthiness as the new norm by giving you all the keys to self-healing.