Our Holistic Mission

By using protocols that minimize the risk of harm, Holistic Health works with the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health. Believe it or not, your body does NOT WANT TO BE SICK. Your body wants to maintain the best condition it possibly can for you and your ultimate happiness. It wants to ensure that you flourish and live a long, healthy, active life–but when society suddenly begins to re-define the natural habits and lifestyle and eating habits of how humans lived until about the Industrial Revolution, and rapidly adjusted it more and more to deviate from what is natural, the human body begins to rebel and goes into a state of dis-ease.

The body WANTS to maintain homeostasis, or the tendency toward a self-regulated stable equilibrium among all physiological processes. To try to balance modern life with the natural life that was lived by humans since our creation is increasingly proving to be a very difficult journey for most to venture on alone. That is why we are here. AskMarissa.com offers online Holistic Health, Fitness & Nutrition counseling services (as well as in-person) so that we can use a self-guidance technique to bring you to your best.