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We are Carbon-based living organisms. We thrive off and are replenished by Carbohydrates as our main source of fuel. And we are here to tell you that excess Protein, especially those from Animal sources, is the culprit of most chronic diseases. We are here to expose the lies and deception of the medical, fitness, and diet cults– particularly regarding Exercise and Nutritional Science.

Whether you were an athlete growing up, have some experience with eating healthy, or are brand new to fitness as a whole, we meet you where you’re at and build upon your skillset and knowledge from there. Understanding nutritional science, fitness, and living a lifestyle based around health and self-love are essential for sustainable results.


We met Marissa at a state park while visiting from a different town. We were a little bummed at first because after talking to her, we were wishing that she lived closer or worked with people in our area. To our surprise, she explained that she works as an online counselor, not just for fitness and nutrition, but also for ALL health needs. She’s like an encyclopedia of all health knowledge, and she sometimes knows immediately what is ailing you before you even tell her! It’s almost as though she’s psychic! She’s very respectful and professional, but at the same time she treats you as important as if you were her family.

–The Cohen Family

(New York, USA)

Marissa has been a tremendous help in my weight loss journey! Without Marissa, I’d be dead, and I mean that in all seriousness. She completely changed my life. She has such a soft and genuine approach to those who require modifications in their exercise movements due to illness or injury. She isn’t obnoxious or tough like a lot of other trainers I’ve met—she cheers you on and motivates you like even the smallest step is as equal as the biggest. Everything is an accomplishment in her eyes, which means a lot to someone like me who has been chronically ill and depressed since college.

– Mike E.

(NCAA recruiter, Pennsylvania, USA)

Without Marissa, I’d still be a size 18 and avoiding any mirror or reflective glass I pass. I had given up on myself, until I met her while at a check-out line at a grocery store. I saw how incredibly clean and healthy her food items were, and I asked her about her diet. Although she had just finished a busy day and probably just wanted to go home, she stepped out of the check-out line to help me learn a little bit about reading labels. She then spent another 30 minutes of her own time helping me swap a few items in my cart for more healthful options and fresh ingredients. My entire family was blessed with an entire overhaul of our eating habits. Together we lost a total of close to 400lbs. (395lbs., to be exact), and we stick to it to this day—that was 2 years ago. Her method of explaining scientific and medical terms in ways that even my 5 year old at that time could understand was so impressive. She’s an inspiration in herself and lives exactly what she preaches.

– Brittany J.

(Bank Teller, Pennsylvania, USA)

I had been crippled by pain that went into my back and sometimes caused something similar to what the doctors had told me was Restless Leg Syndrome (but it wasn’t). Someone referred me to Marissa. After I contacted her, she said, “I’ll be over in between my next two clients.” I met her in my driveway because my dogs immediately ran out to greet her (and they loved her), and within not even 2 minutes—I was healed. She asked me when the last time I stretched was, and honestly I couldn’t remember. She asked me to touch my toes, and she guided me down as I did that. Then she had me get on my back on my porch, and she pulled my leg back to stretch my leg like no physical therapist or orthopedist had ever done. After spending 100s of hours in physical therapy facilities and hopping from doctor to doctor, she pinpointed that the shooting pain in my back was due to unusual tightness near my sciatic nerve, even though my sciatic nerve caused me no symptoms itself. I continue to do the stretches twice daily… Read more 🡆

– Skyler

(Financial Analyst/Tax Preparer, New Jersey, USA)

I just want everybody to know that Foreskin Restoration is possible. None of us had a say in what happened to us as babies. I always felt as though I had been violated, and there was absolutely no reason for my circumcision whatsoever. It was considered a routine procedure to be done as a baby when I was born. I had tried to just deal with it, but by the time I was 29 maybe even 28, I was already having trouble, and sadly it was after I had finally met the woman I chose to spend the rest of my life with. I did tons of research about Foreskin Restoration, and I gotta say that yeah, the online boards are a place where you can talk with other guys about their progress and their experiments with devices, BUT there is also a lot of negativity and occasional bashing. The places become a bit over emotional and overheated. In addition, after you get done reading other guys’ opinions and experiences, you’re off on your own… Read more 🡆

– Brendon

(Claims Adjuster, New Jersey, USA)

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"Miracle drugs: they were called Miracle drugs because if you took them, and you survived, it was a really a miracle. This was the contribution of the monopolists to the medical monopoly, and the only thing these drugs had in common was that they were enormously expensive. Now in contrast, most of nature's remedies are enormously inexpensive, they're available, they're abundant, they're cheap, which means that the medical monopoly did not want you to use any of these medications. ...The greatest achievement of the modern drug trust was the invention of the thousand dollar pill...
Nature, unfortunately has never learned how to make a thousand dollar pill. So obviously, Nature is no good as far as the medical monopoly is concerned."