Cancer is NOT Genetic

Cancer , Health , Holistic , Genetic , Carcinogen , Hereditary Disease

Contrary to popular belief, thanks to myths propagated that are based solely on causing people a fear of the unknown or a fear of that which (supposedly) cannot be understood, cancer is not a hereditary disease! While there are conjectures that some cancers are inherited, these comprise for less than 2% of cancer cases (e.g. the BRCA1 and BRCA2 inherited genetic mutations, which occur in 8-10% of Ashkenazi Jewish women; of those 8-10% Ashkenazi women with the mutation, an estimated 55% may develop breast cancer).

Yes, cancer is a gene mutation—but not an INHERENT, GENETIC mutation. Gene mutations occur from oxidative stress or damage, the biggest of which come from epigenetic (environmental and/or experiential) factors. These main factors are toxic emotions like chronic stress, long bouts with depression, grief, and an imbalanced lifestyle. Once these mental maladies settle in for a period of time, other epigenetic factors that are introduced seize the opportunity to fortify the cancer.

The subsequent epigenetic factors include drugs, vaccines, sleep deprivation, excessive cardio (repetitive endurance exercises over 25-30 minutes), EMFs (e.g. high voltage power lines within ¼ of a mile, all smart meters, WiFi, microwaves, hair dryers, electric blankets/pillows, cell phone towers within 1 mile, LCD screens), improper diet, household toxins (e.g. VOCs from inorganic household cleaners and products, toxic beauty products, poor air quality, etc.), lawn and agricultural chemicals (this includes all unnatural pesticides such as herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, as well as growth inhibitors and fertilizers), air pollution, and unhealthy drinking water (this includes ALL PUBLIC/MUNICIPAL WATER SOURCES, even if they have whole-house filtration systems, as well as private wells that are subject to any sort of run-off from nearby farms, close neighbors who use chemicals on their properties, golf courses, athletic fields, landfills, or EPA sites). One of the newest forms of oxidative stress that absolutely needs to be avoided at any and all costs is 5G. The new 5G network is basically like an airborne Cancer. These mmWaves are an energy weapon. Cancer is the long-term effect from mmWaves, with an acute illness that resembles a mixture of Radiation Sickness and Severe Altitude Sickness being the immediate result of being subjected to 60gigaHertz, as is seen in places such as China (Wuhan), Italy, Iran, South Korea, and anywhere else being inflicted by “Coronavirus/Covid-19.”

[for more information on this, please see my research in “Breaking News: 5G Cause Coronavirus/Covid-19” and “Unbelievable!–Another 5G-Infected Nation Battling “Coronavirus” (It’s Italy!)”]

In summary, cancer is ignited first by carcinogenic emotions such as chronic stress and depression, and then, it is put into drive by carcinogenic environments and products.

Some people repeat a statement, almost as if it’s a mantra, that finds its origins in an article written by Steve Shapin called, “Cancer World.” In it, he tries to downplay and normalize the rise in cancer…as though it’s a good thing. And people were dumb enough not to think for themselves (as they usually don’t) and follow suit! The statement by Steve Shapin was, “The rise in cancer mortality, is, in its way, very good news!” What Shapin clearly implied here was that longevity is increasing and as a result, we are inevitably living long enough for cancer to eventually express itself. And you know what? … People actually adopted this idea and took it as as looking at the bright side of cancer. Well, I hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but…


Never was, and there never will be.


…Because they suppress any research that gains any insight on the basic understandings of the root cause of cancer. Furthermore, anyone who has any insight on the basic understandings of the root cause of cancer and/or how to eradicate it, will be found and eradicated themselves–usually through an assassination made to look like a suicide. If everyone knew that getting rid of cancer is as simple as getting rid of chronic carcinogens–firstly emotional and secondly environmental–The Cancer Industry would have nothing to profit off, and it would disappear in congruence with how readily people accepted this Truth and how quickly the people took back control of their well-being.  

We must conquer the monopoly and business of cancer, which is a cancer in itself.  Cancer literally feeds them… … …

Every person who gets cancer feeds them in the same way as they, as a figurative cancer, feed the population’s cancer. Cancer feeding cancer feeding cancer feeding cancer, very similar to, but the complete antithesis, of how Life feeds on Life feeds on Life feeds on Life…

Cancer , Health , Holistic , Genetic , Carcinogen , Hereditary Disease

As long as we keep up with this charade that has become our degenerate, money-based society, we will continue to lose loved ones and ourselves to cancer. It seems as though the more arbitrary one’s existence and means of “living” are, meaning that the more someone does not stop to listen for their purpose and pursue some sort of mission that fulfills said purpose, the higher their risk of developing and dying out of cancer will be. To put it simply, the more we work meaningless, arbitrary jobs to “live off” and feed their system, the more misaligned with our True Selves we become and the more likely we will be to get cancer. The typical person who gets cancer exemplifies someone who has too much fear, which prevents them from following their heart and quenching the Soul’s need to fulfill their true purpose.

And perhaps it’s easier to put it into perspective this way, in that cancer is not made of Life; cancer is made of them and what we have enabled them to do to us.They have robbed us of our time. They have robbed us of our vitality. They have not only robbed us of our time, but they have disrespected the very moments that make up our Lives, and they have greedily made these moments synonymous with money—which they feed off. They, whoever “they” is, feed off cancer. In summary, they are the cancer.

By continuing to fuel their system with our time and energy away from our families and by cooperating with them by blindly depriving ourselves of living a REAL Life consisting of TRUE wealth like Knowledge and Self-Deification, we agree to an existence in which we solely subsist on a phony currency with an artificial value to circulate back into their system. In doing so, we become prey for their arbitrary reality, and we will therefore always be fueling a well-oiled cancer machine. It’s like fighting fire with fire…but instead we fight the cancer with more cancer. What we should be doing is finding the source of it all and rebelling against it, thus depriving cancer of its sustenance.

The soil that nourishes the carcinogenic emotions such as chronic stress and depression is composed of our willful exchange of our time for shekels… and then circulating those shekels back into the system. This continues a vicious cycle that they require in order to grow, just like a malignant tumor.

Prior to coming Here, we each made a vow to God that we would do our part towards bettering this World and starving them out by using the skill set and talents that God so graciously blessed us with. We all have at least one thing that we do extremely well, and that one thing is to be used as the “cancerstasis”… something that prevents or halts cancer from developing or continuing. It may not be an immunity, but it will surely act as an agent that keeps cancer in its dormancy.

This neutralizing “cancerstasis” effect is produced when we are given back our time…when we have the gall to finally reclaim our time as just that—OURS! “Cancerstasis” happens when we are back in control of our time, and not using our time being completely preoccupied by our work-jobs or our financial concerns. “Cancerstasis” happens when we use our time to hone our gifts and to then offer our talents as a service in order to receive compensation for it in all forms of currency—not just money, but in other currencies as well. Yes, there are other currencies than money, such as appreciation, teaching and learning, trade of services, instilling these talents in our children and other children, the acquisition of Knowledge, and so on and so forth.

God gave us gifts upon our inception. These gifts were meant to be opened and utilized every single day. They could be anything: Music, Photography, Writing, Art, Carpentry, Building, Mathematics, Architecture, Teaching, Research, the Healing Arts/Medicine, Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Counseling, Spiritual Guidance, Motherhood, Farming, Animals, Forestry, Jewelry Making, Gunsmithing, Mechanics…like I said, IT COULD BE ANYTHING! But whatever it is, figure it out…and quench your Soul with it. You won’t die of cancer, so long as you take control of your life and disallow them from bleeding you for your time… time which at this very moment they are greedily converting to the very money that keeps their Cancer Machine running smoothly.

Cancer , Health , Holistic , Genetic , Carcinogen , Hereditary Disease

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  1. Kurt

    Don’t swallow that shekel, it’s bad for you.

    1. Marissa

      All shekels are bad! Money is the root of all evil. It doesn’t matter whether it’s shekels or dollars or loonies or pounds or bitcoins or WHATEVER! We need to go back to bartering and trading, and then we’ll see the downfall of this arbitrary existence that depends on exchanging our precious time for a fake currency. Until then, people will also have to continue to have the blindest of faith in a doctor’s honesty and integrity, and that he’s not more interested in filling his wallet by being a mercenary for “them.” Unfortunately, until we crack the code to bring down “their” system, the shekel in all its phony forms will remain the principle provider in terms of earnings and exchange…and for some, the sole determinant of their quality of life.

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