Microchimerism: Women Genetically Become The Men She Has Sex With

Microchimerism , Female , Male , DNA , Genetics, Sex

There is a biological phenomenon in which a woman absorbs and then harbors for her entire life a significant number of cells that originated in a different individual, other than from the 23 chromosomes of genetic material from each biological parent which created her as an embryo at conception. This hosting of foreign genetic material that takes up residence in almost every tissue of a female’s body, most significantly within the brain, is a (purportedly) 93,000-year-old biological defense mechanism known as Microchimerism. Microchimerism is defined as the occurrence of cells that originate from another individual and are therefore genetically distinct from the cells of the host. There are four different ways that this can happen naturally (i.e. without medical procedures, such as blood transfusions, organ transplants, etc.) :

  1. An abortion (whether chemical, spontaneous, or induced)
  2. A male twin that vanished
  3. An older brother transferred by the maternal circulation
  4. Sexual intercourse
Microchimerism , Female , Male , DNA , Genetics, Sex

What this basically testifies is that women are Chimeras, as, unlike men who are made up of genetic material from only their mothers and fathers, women are designed to be sponges for genetic material from anyone. Pregnancy with a male child is the most popularly talked-about way that explains why a women has foreign male DNA in her body.

From conception until birth, cells travel back and forth from the mother and the fetus (via the placenta), and vise-versa. From a cellular standpoint, it goes without needing much explanation that this will result in the mother retaining DNA from her son (or daughter, but for the sake of this article, we will only focus on Y-DNA). What this infers is that the child is not the only one who is receiving DNA, but that the mother is being imprinted by foreign DNA from the fetus (yes, a fetus is a foreign body to a pregnant woman; you can love your growing baby with all your Heart, but the body still sees it as a foreign body…even a parasite).

Research into male microchimerism has concluded that as much as 10 per cent of the free-floating DNA in the mother’s bloodstream comes from the fetus, and much of it remains in her cells for the rest of her life. It is important to note that, while a full-term pregnancy will result in the mother having a longer opportunity to harbor more cells from her child, the fetal cells from a miscarriage or an induced abortion will still leave a genetic imprint on the mother, just not as full-fledged of an impact. Also, most of these cells disappear precipitously as time passes after the incident, especially in the case of a chemical abortion (an unknown miscarriage within 5 weeks of pregnancy) up to any abortion (spontaneous or induced) up to about 8 weeks.

Many scientists, as far back as 1830, have wracked their brains in trying to figure out, “WHY?”

What is the purpose of Microchimerism in a female?

Microchimerism is an ancient defense mechanism that augments a women’s ability to fight microorganisms (both viruses and bacteria), helps to prevent cancer and infections, and it lends super-regenerative properties to her tissues (as is seen with the shorter-than-expected recover after childbirth and even in healing C-sections). They also add strength to her mental strength, in which she should expand her perceptions and reasoning faculties to that of her male partner in times of peril (although, this will only be true in cases of women who mate with domineering, powerful, warrior-like men, or “Alpha Males”; a less-dominant and capable man will leave his imprint on a women post-coitus, although in a detrimental way in which she will develop his beta, omega, and so forth style of thinking).

Within the perplexing super-specialty field of Auto-Immunology, much controversy has arisen, as research is deliberately suppressed to conceal the scientific data which proves that women will INEVITABLY absorb the DNA from every man she with whom she has sexual intercourse, and that the overload of such foreign genetic information from multiple partners is met with an auto-immune response that results in unexplained illnesses such as Grave’s Disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, certain cancers, and many other lesser known neurologically degenerative conditions.

This damaging form of Microchimerism results from the flow of genetic material that is carried by a man’s Sperm. After ejaculation during sexual intercourse, Sperm breaks the blood barrier of the uterus and meanders up to the brain, where it finds its way into the nuclei of the neurons. The neurons are then subject to a process known as Genetic Recombination, in which the cells are forever altered, in favor of the genetic material being carried by the sperm.

To simplify this (as well as to strongly reiterate) is that this means that a women will become an amalgamation of every man with whom she has sexual intercourse. A woman will begin to develop the traits and characteristics, both physically and mentally, of the men who have ejaculated in her—and she then inevitably passes these imprints onto her children. In the case of a husband whom she loves, this is a very endearing and romantic concept, which is considered “Divine Union,” in ancient texts. For example, this instructional advice (or warning) is repeated four times over in the Bible in the Old Testament/Tanakh and the New Testament alike. Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5, Mark 10:8, and Ephesians 5:31 all ring the same sacred Truth, verbatim, that we need to pay attention to:

“For this reason a man shall forever leave both his father and his mother, and forever be joined to his Wife, and the TWO shall become ONE flesh.”

While this is a powerfully endearing rule from our Creator, inspiring a deeper Love and ever-growing affection with every act of sexual intercourse between a Man and his Wife, what does this mean for women and her children who have had even just more than one partner? Whether a woman is a virgin or not truly does have an impact on future children’s physical traits.

In animals, it is noted that while breeding, the first stud used should be the one and only for future inseminations. Otherwise, subsequent offspring with a new study will not be nearly as well-built or mentally sharp. If a woman paid attention to the Animal Kingdom, and registered how important maintaining virginity until marriage was genetically, the discipline to remain respectful to herself, her future husband, and the offspring she has with him would come very easily. Not only does present-day society suppress scientific research that a woman retains the DNA of every man she has sex with, but it is clearly and explicitly written in almost every ancient religious book. 

Whether or not you, the reader, are religious has no bearing on the fact that religious texts carry many hidden truths within them. Even for the religiously devout, please do not only see these texts as religious. One needs to accept these scriptures as human testaments to experiences—guides, so to speak. Although many who are highly educated scoff in their advanced scholarship at the “absurdity” of taking anything from these books that are the words of illiterate men from 2000+ years ago, and then there are those who are overzealous at taking these scriptures as overly literal and are blinded to the real-life metaphors contained within, we all need to compromise by setting aside credentials and creed and instead concede to the plausibility that these “ancient” words surpass both academia and religion and need to be considered from every angle.

There is a reason—and a VERY good one at that—as to why a woman must preserve her virginity for the man she marries, as well as only marrying his brothers if her husband were to die young. Microchimerism is VERY real, and even ONE previous sexual partner will leave his imprint in a woman’s brain, as well as in her future offspring with her husband. While the husband’s sperm is fertilizing the egg with his DNA, the genetic imprints left behind from the sperm from his wife’s previous partners have permeated into her blood stream, into the brain, and into the coding of said husband’s child(ren), making small but very noticeable alterations in the child(ren).

Microchimerism , Female , Male , DNA , Genetics, Sex

Men, you don’t go unscathed, though, with your sexual escapades prior to marriage. There are exchanges during sex that are equal to or worse than the exchange of fluids, and unlike the physical evidence of microchmerism, these exchanges are invisible. Yet, like microchimerism, they are traits that attached onto you during sex with previous partners, and are passed on to your biological child(ren).

These exchanges delve into the Spiritual aspect of the sacred act of sex. I will refer to these exchanges as “karma,” for a lack of a more all-encompassing scientific term. Just because you cannot see it or there is no tangible evidence of it takes away nothing from the trueness in that when two people unite sexually outside the bonds and vows of sacred marriage, God is removed from the act, and something becomes inwardly disabled…Spiritually.

Sex between a man and wife will elevate the spirit and enrich the Soul, due to the exchange of “karmic” rewards and rapture that manifests from the Divine Union. The combined sexual energy releases trapped negative emotions and either dissolves them or transmutes them into a feeling of being in “Seventh Heaven,” using the sanctuary and security of everlasting Love in its pure and undiluted state as the solvent or catalyst.

However, sex outside the bonds of marriage, or Godless sex, is not given the rights to the energy supply or resources that are needed to transmute negative emotions. Rather, Godless sex unleashes and diffuses the “karmic” debts, “karmic” imbalances, “karmic” baggage of each other, and inseminates and infects the innermost parts of our intangible minds and ethereal selves.

In light of the emphasis on “sexual expression” modern culture blindly embraces, it’s expected that many will have a strong aversion and emotionally react with cognitive dissonance to truthful information contained within this article.

Just like (((they))) have programmed and conditioned more than have the North American population to believe that Circumcised penises are better and that uncircumcised (natural) penises are gross (to the point that even the most vocal women are silent about their secret that having sex with a circumcised penis eventually deteriorates after a few years of together into what it might be like to have sex with a broomstick wrapped in sandpaper), they have succeeded into programming us to think that sexual immorality and degeneracy is just everyday-ordinary and completely normal.

Those who have a sense of decency and those who save sex for marriage have become the odd ones out, even to the point of ridicule. Many readers will read this with much resentment, as this article feels like it’s unfairly calling them degenerates or promiscuous, and/or that it dictates an arcane and out-of-date measure of control on what they perceive should be unlimited sexual “freedoms.”

However, written here are principles that are expounded at the root of every ancient scripture and religious text—for a damn good reason.

These are principles from ascended masters through the ages who gifted us with written instructions that help to point our moral compass in the right direction regarding sexual intercourse. Sexual energy is severely karmic, and is only to be used by married couples so to incarnate with the Divine and become united as one with God using this holy power as the seal.  NOBODY GOES UNPUNISHED FROM ANY OF THEIR PAST HOOK-UPS. You and especially your children absolutely will suffer the consequences of your lack of discipline and respect for yourself and your future family. 

Next time you think about having sex outside of marriage, ask yourself this:

  1. How many men have stuck their penis in the same hole you’re about to?
  2. How many times has she woken up next to a stranger?
  3. Given that 90% of North Americans carry HPV, do you really think she’s going to be a 10 per-center?
  4. How much time in her life has she wasted worrying about a late period?
  5. If you were to marry this girl, are you 100% sure that your biological child(ren) will be 100% made up of your DNA? If not, can you deal with the fact that your child(ren) will be made up of a concoction of strange men’s DNA who your partner had sex with?
Microchimerism , Female , Male , DNA , Genetics, Sex

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