Disclaimer: Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the misleading title of this article. I entitled it, “5G *Causes* Covid.” I have to keep it that way so people can find us, since I’ve been completely banned on Google, and our friendly search engines have bumped us from their #1 spots in favor of non-“conspiracy”-related articles that serve no purpose in Truth, but only in hiding it. The “NO, 5G DOESN’T CAUSE CORONAVIRUS,” and the “CONSPIRACY THEORISTS SPREADING DANGEROUS FALSEHOODS ABOUT 5G AND COVID,” that USA Today and other media outlets have hastily posted to counterattack me and others are just copy-pastes of the same fear porn fantasy fulfillment of anyone who has been programmed by Hollywood, NY Times Bestsellers, and video games to actually believe that a virus is “alive,” is extremely contagious as an airborne pathogen, and could actually cause a pandemic–or even a “zombie apocalypse.” But, to clarify the title I deliberately gave this article –No, I don’t think 5G *causes* Coronavirus. I use that simply for SEO reasons. If you read this whole thing, you’ll understand that “5G” is behind this pandemic, as it is the trigger of Coronavirus/Covid-19. The 5G mmWaves cause non-contagious illnesses, destroy the immune system, disrupt hemoglobin levels, and alter the Air we breathe and the water we drink. And as most of the world is shut-down, and many citizens of Earth have chosen to–or have even been forced to–abide by a quarantine, curfew, or even strict lock-down (e.g. Italy), the telecom industry seems to be immune to all these absurd measures. All one has to do is to go onto YouTube or go onto a Facebook group that opposes 5G, and scroll through the accumulated videos of people from around the World witnessing telecom workers installing 5G antennas and towers next to schools (which are unoccupied until Fall 2020), “non-essential” businesses (which are unoccupied), on residential buildings, in parks and recreational fields, and along the streets that line cities and suburbs…all done while people are “quarantined” behind locked doors.

Recently I published an article that was included in the newsletter. I wanted to relay the message to others to stop swallowing the fear that the media is spooning to the masses regarding the new Coronavirus. I was hoping to help others to understand that we need to take special care of the balance of our Trinity of Holistic Health in every way possible at all times—not just during cold and flu “season.” This included taking the utmost attention to take care of our Mental Health, which corresponds with our Physical Health. We do this by blocking out as many negative and intrusive thoughts from both outside sources as well as from our own inner-dialogues as we possibly can.

While I still want all of you to do that, and to help those close to you understand that they need to do that too, I have changed my understanding of the Coronavirus. It is not a contagion. This is not Coronavirus that China is dealing with. It is not even a virus…nor is it a bacteria or fungi. What the Chinese are dealing with is something that the human eye cannot see, not even with the most powerful microscope. It is incapable of being seen…but it is surely felt. I’m talking about 5G.

You cannot see it, but each and every day we bathe ourselves in radiation from the cellular network that has been pushed upon us without our permission.

While the majority of sheeple blindly accept new technology as an exciting new improvement to making life even more convenient and information even more accessible, and some just shrug and accept it as a “necessity of modern life,” there are those of us who tread carefully around it, looking at it with suspicion as we know intrinsically that it is invading every aspect of our private lives, dumbing us down with information overload, and using convenience as a ploy to cause us to exercise our brains and bodies less and less. Of course—there was always the hopeful backthought that this microwave technology is not AT ALL “harmless,” as so many blissful ignoramuses in this world believe it to be. But ignorance surely is bliss…until that ignorance becomes the foundation for a “pandemic” spun in an entirely false manner that puts the world population under a lock-down, as Martial Law ensues for a “Coronavirus” that is nothing novel, and has been responsible for 10-20% of your colds in your life.

But let’s get back to the 5G. How can anyone with even half a brain accept the harmlessness of this mmWave radiation as FACT?!? It’s RADIATION! Not only that, but 5G frequencies are 60gHz! DIDN’T ANYONE RESEARCH THIS?!? 60gigaHertz FREQUENCIES ABSORB OXYGEN AND LEAVE YOU WITH 98% LESS OXYGEN IN THE AIR! THAT’S ONLY .419% OXYGEN INSTEAD OF THE 20.95% YOU SHOULD BE BREATHING! THAT WILL PRODUCE SEVERE ALTITUDE SICKNESS-LIKE SYMPTOMS COMBINED WITH RADIATION SICKNESS! HOW CAN MORE PEOPLE NOT SEE THIS?!? As I roll my eyes, I realize that there are stupid questions…and the one I just asked was one of them. There is no shortage of stupidity in this world, and there certainly seems to be no improvement in the collective train of human thought.

So, would you like to know the TRUTH about the Corona “virus?”

Allow me to backtrack a little bit a few months ago back to May of 2019. I was living in the Southern Laurentians of Québec, Canada. I sat at my work station, and I was taken a bit aback at an article I was distracted by while doing research for a project I was working on regarding Social Medicine, and the behind-the-scene realities of it…which I will not touch upon here.

The article I found was a scathingly anti-American write-up of how Donald Trump was completely kicking the world’s leading company for information and communications technology (ITC) and the top provider of infrastructure and Smart devices, Huawei of China, out of the United States. The article talked about what a tyrannical monster Trump was, that he doesn’t care about the 48,000 people who were going to lose work! It then went on to say that not only was he banning outsourced Huawei facilities on U.S. soil, but that he was completely banning 100% of their products and parts from being used in the United States. Huawei was apparently in the middle of a scandal, regarding spying…but I wasn’t buying that story as the sole reason for banning them.

There was something more to it than that, and I began to realize this as I saw that there were a few nations that were barring Huawei industry and products from being inside their borders. What I read next was that the Government of Québec, as well as the Liberals of Canada, were proud to announce a deal with Huawei, one in which the Chinese tech company would simply move across the northern border from the U.S.A.,and plant a few more facilities in Canada, thus creating an estimated 28,000 jobs and a race to give Québec the most technologically advanced infrastructure and provide Quebeckers with the fastest communication network out of all the provinces in Canada.

I went back to that article last night, as I had left that project unfinished and wanted to work on it again. This time, I read it with a different end reaction. As I scanned through the part of one of the Canadian ministers bragging in French in front of cheering Quebeckers that even the Arctic was going to be connected with 5G, something caught my attention. The article quoted him saying that Québec was going to be one of the pilot sites for 5G, after Huawei gets done setting up its PRIMARY launching site for 5G in Wuhan, China.

Whoa. Wait. WHAT? WUHAN?!? As in the epicenter of the new Coronavirus?

Yes, THAT Wuhan.

You can see for yourself in this article that specifically talks about Wuhan, dated May 27, 2019:

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And this one from August of 2019, a mere 5 months prior to the beginning phase of the Corono “virus” outbreak:

Health , Holistic , Fitness , Nutrition , Well-being , Men's Health , Women's Health , Vasectomy , Circumcision , Genital Mutilation , Cancer , Natural , Treatment , Help , Green , Brain , Sex , Sexual , Tonsils , Sperm , Exercise , Rheumatoid , Arthritis , God , Tree , Genetic , DNA , Microchimerism , Fat loss , Food , Organic , Weights , Exercise , AskMarissa , Disease , Chem-trails , Morgellons , Medical Cult , Lyme Disease , Coronavirus , 5g , Huawei , Wuhan , Radiation , Symptoms , Italy , China , Pangolins

This took my memory back to 2016, which is the very first time I ever heard about 5G. That I, a Holistic Health practitioner and activist and somewhat of a Luddite was kept in the dark about a proposed 5G roll-out, and what 5G even was all about…goes to show how stealth and deceitful this entire agenda is.

In 2016, I was taking a Summer trip to hike in the Catskills of New York, and I stumbled across a Buddhist Monastery. I thought, “How quaint!” I went down to visit the building, and instead of being enveloped in the dead silence I expected from previous monastery experiences, there was a speaking engagement going on inside the temple. I asked three monks who were sweeping and doing some light gardening near where I was wandering around, and they invited me to, “Please, go listen…it’s important. It’s about 5G.”

5G? I literally thought it was going to be about Tantric Sex or some ancient, esoteric taboo like that. I kind of half-closed my eyes and half-winced as I walked in, expecting to be confronted by a bunch of strangers on the floor doing some sexual energy release exercise, but that’s not at all what happened. Instead, I opened my eyes, adjusted to the dimness after being in the Sun all day, and saw a group of very upset and worried people. I took the cue from the shoes neatly arranged at the entrance to take mine off, and I sat on the immaculately clean floor with a scientist-looking man who had a blue shirt with his name and company embroidered on it. He worked for some tech company that I wish I could remember the name of. He was next in line to speak in front of the crowd about the Dangers of 5G Radiation.I got a little uneasy as I listened the best I could to the wealth of knowledge I was trying to gain. Some of the buzzwords that stung my mind were:

  • Seemingly Neverending Flu-Like Symptoms
  • Vertigo
  • Sudden onset of ADD/ADHD
  • Insomnia
  • Fogginess
  • Miscarriages
  • Infertility
  • Cancer
  • Vision Problems/Blurriness
  • Sudden Ringing in the Ears
  • Loss of Balance
  • Bloody noses
  • Shakiness/Convulsions
  • Tightness in the throat
  • Irritability
  • Loss of Libido
  • Sudden Mood Swings
  • Muscle loss
  • Digestive Problems
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Thinning of Hair
  • Sudden onset of an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Heart Arrhythmia/Tachycardia
  • Glioma (Cancer of the Central Nervous System)
  • DNA damage and Altered Gene Expression
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Sperm Mutations
  • Adrenal Gland tumors
  • Brain tumors
  • Skin disorders
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Immune System disorders

This list was not comprehensive…and that’s not the worst of the news. Apparently, those were the effects of a frequency of only 600megaHertz, as was cruelly tested on mice and rats…not even close the 60gigaHertz that are 5G mmWaves. The results at 600megaHertz showed that each fatality from the radiation exposure started with flu-like symptoms, irrational behavior, and malaise, followed by Reproductive Damage and epithelial damage (skin disorders), and ended with Nerve Damage and clear evidence of tumors in the Hearts and Brains. These were the most consistent health effects, notwithstanding the plethora of other random side effects.

The range and the magnitude of the potential impacts of 5G technologies are under-researched, despite the fact that so many biological dysfunctions have been noted in test subjects’ systemic damage that resulted from lesser frequencies. The millimeter-wavelength exposure is the same technology that is used in Direct Energy Weapons, which are VERY real. If the ionizing radiation released by X-rays and ultraviolet light causes tissue damage, imagine what the CONSTANT exposure to the non-ionizing radiation of 5G has in store for our health.

One thing is for sure—the denser the population is, such as in Wuhan, China, the denser the constellation of base stations will be, which will have radiation-emitting antennae EVERYWHERE. My advice? Stay vigilant, and get OUT of the cities and suburbs and back into Nature. While you might not be completely safe from this bombardment of radiation that They are forcing us to endure, at least the scope of the exposure will be more than a thousand times less…if at all. Always be on the look-out for the electric company “upgrading” your meter to a “Smart”meter—and stop him from doing so. You have a RIGHT to at least remain off the “Smart” grid (stay tuned for more on the health disruptions of Smart meters in an upcoming article).

You might be reading this and thinking, “Well, I’m surviving 4G just fine! I have no health problems!” Here’s the catch: There is a HUGE difference between 4G and 5G. The fact that they are exposing this to us on a global level, and that so many fluoride-brained humans are excited about being “test subjects” for this new technology, is absolutely insane. 5G was NEVER tested on humans, and that people are excited to be the guinea pigs is rather frightening. Regarding the penetration of the radiation on Animals, like us:

4G wavelengths travel along the surface of the skin. While some radiation is absorbed, it is at a lower frequency and wider-range wavelength. The wavelength is mostly what makes the difference here. 4G can travel in terms of miles/kilometers–meaning the wavelengths are more spread out and slower. They are not constant pulses of radiation, as you will see in 5G. The penetration and absorption into the body of 4G, while still dangerously carcinogenic and neurotoxic, is nowhere near the rate of 5G. Think in terms of “Occupational Hazard” regarding the dangers of 4G, as well as a hazard for children being too close to a tower or wireless device.

5G aims to provide ultra-high-speed services that will be able to travel quickly in densely-populated areas. These wavelengths travel in wavelengths of mere millimeters. This is far more insidious. Instead of having one large tower per every few miles/kilometers, the 5G towers will have to placed every few meters because of their sharp, short bursts of radiation which are extremely strong, but fizzle out quickly. When these intensely strong beams of 5G wavelengths are emitted, the skin and eyes automatically absorb them, which, in turn, will naturally cause the skin to rise in temperature and cause deep tissue damage. The microwaves are absorbed by the gray matter in the brain, and will cause serious neurological damage in time. Because these mmWaves are absorbed by everything around them–plants, trees, water, buildings, other people–the signal is disrupted unless it is DIRECT. This is where all these towers and mini-towers come into the equation. More 5G sources will be needed, and it pretty much factors down to a tower per home. That way, each individual gets their very own source of direct, unimpeded microwave radiation.

To further expound on 5G’s devastating impact, the beginnings of sickness that is caused by chronic exposure to radiation, such as chronically being exposed to 5G mini-towers placed on residencies, sounds a lot like Coronavirus. According to Medical News Today, which outlines the general acceptance of what constitutes Radiation Sickness, the symptoms are set in stages. The initial stage of a sufferer of radiation poisoning will exhibit extreme flu-like symptoms with nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, chills, malaise, sore throat, coughing, wheezing, labored breathing, and mucus build-up. These are eerily similar to the symptoms of Coronavirus, as listed on the CDC’s website. Combine that with the lack of Oxygen in the air due to the absorption of it at 60gigaHertz, and you can add permanent damage to the lungs with lesions and more nausea and vomiting to the list (more on 60gigaHertz absorbing Oxygen in my next article).

My other theory is that a Coronavirus may actually be infecting the population–but *ONLY* those who are in close proximity and/or more sensitive to the 5G microwaves. Chronic exposure to radiation also causes permanent damage, in contrast to the acute damage I listed above. This chronic damage results in a matter of time (usually a few months) depending on the dose and the individual. A compromised immune system is the main theme of chronic radiation poisoning, including that from immunosuppressant 5G mmWaves, as with each 24-90billion per second toxic pulse of waves the body begins to undergo altered oxidative stress which in turn causes altered gene expression which results in permanent DNA damage.

Compare that to the now seemingly insignificant 700million-5.8billion per second beams (<1mm) we have endured between 2G and 4G (depending on the proximity of the source and the device being used)! The loss of white blood cells that occurs with these tens of billions of beams is immeasurable, which makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the body to fight off the simplest of infections. Something like a typical Rhinovirus, a.k.a. the Common Cold, can turn into a disaster–quickly causing the person to develop Pneumonia…and die. A perfect example of this is seen in Cancer wards. Cancer victims who are undergoing high-dose chemotherapy and radiation treatments are made to wear masks and even go into protective isolation rooms, for being exposed to a carrier of a slight cold could kill them.

Health , Holistic , Fitness , Nutrition , Well-being , Men's Health , Women's Health , Vasectomy , Circumcision , Genital Mutilation , Cancer , Natural , Treatment , Help , Green , Brain , Sex , Sexual , Tonsils , Sperm , Exercise , Rheumatoid , Arthritis , God , Tree , Genetic , DNA , Microchimerism , Fat loss , Food , Organic , Weights , Exercise , AskMarissa , Disease , Chem-trails , Morgellons , Medical Cult , Lyme Disease , Coronavirus , 5g , Huawei , Wuhan , Radiation , Symptoms , Italy , China , Pangolins
A guide for crews on Nuclear Submarines, as written up by the US Naval Medical Research Institute.
A security officer in Wuhan collapses and goes into convulsions, as do other victims of Coronavirus. The same reaction occurs when one is suffering from chronic radiation poisoning or when an individual is targeted by D.E.W. (Direct Energy Weapon, often experimented with on large crowds of people), which uses the same millimeter wavelengths as 5G.
A Coronavirus/Covid-19 patient goes into convulsions while on a gurney at a Wuhan hospital.

5G is the first global Electromagnetic Radiation test on human beings in the history of the modern Industrial Era. The tech industry will go on ad nauseum about how the long list of health concerns that many top scientists and doctors KNOW will put the public in SERIOUS, imminent danger is completely baseless and totally ridiculous compared to the next logical step in the evolution of wireless technology and the amazing improvements and conveniences it will naturally bring.

The towers are not only hazards, they are a crime against humanity. There are thousands of 5G towers and mini-stations in Wuhan right this very moment, and the people are showing the effects of it in the radiation sickness that the Chinese government and Huawei are playing off as a new “Coronavirus.” How cute, considering that the most dangerous part of a radiation wave is the Corona.

Already in many places, including Montréal, Québec, Toronto, Ontario, and the outlying suburbs, there has been the implementation of mini cell towers, gone unnoticed at one teeny, tiny mini tower per 2 to 6 houses, which are PACKED WITH LETHAL RADIATION. What does this mean? The human and domestic animal test subjects in those homes will have their RF radiation exposure increase thousands of times more than the thousands of times it’s already been increased since the implementation of the SmartGrid.

My prediction is that, if you want to know where “CoronaVirus” is going to strike next, just look at the cities and suburbs who are phasing out 4G and forcing the 5G network on the citizens, better known as their human test subjects. The Cancer industry is going to be BOOMING more than it already is.

What needs to happen is that people need to start thinking for themselves. Stop exposing yourselves to being saturated in cellular radiation. You’ve never questioned the irony that it’s called “Cellular” technology and that it directly causes “Cellular” damage? The wireless industry is an insidious entity that is building an infrastructure that, “Oh, WOW!—it provides faster downloads for my porn and Hollywood movies filled with filth!” – but is actually building a global microwave oven to help your body download an infection or a Cancer that will be a pandemic beyond biblical proportions.

It’s a contagious radiation. Have you ever seen what happens when someone is accidentally exposed to radiation as an occupational hazard at a nuclear power plant? They are given a scrub-down and put into quarantine, so that they will not contaminate anyone on the outside with their surface radiation.

Just try for a moment to imagine what this 5G is doing…how easily a person who is exposed to 5G will contaminate another human…and infect them with the 5G Virus. Whether these people actually came down with a Coronavirus due to their immunity being suppressed from 5G radiation -or- Coronavirus/Covid-19 is a complete hoax altogether to cover up the disastrous health implications of the hasty 5G roll-out– I don’t know. But I do know you’re being lied to. Stop believing the media, and stop panicking. Then, do everything you can do to remove yourself and your family and pets from any 5G source as soon as possible. This is not a contagious, airborne pathogen; it’s a radioactive frequency that’s choking out your air supply and poisoning you!

“Millimeter-Wave [5G] beams that have an effective range of 80 meters. With increased power, the beams will reach over a kilometer. The beams penetrate the skin at 1/64 of an inch and excited the water molecules the same way as a microwave oven.”

5G is not just a “faster phone.” 5G is not just about grave concerns of privacy invasions or 1984-esque “upgrades.” One does not even need a device to be infected by 5G sickness–with the amount of towers and mini-towers needed to penetrate dense populations, there will be tens of thousands of microwave beams everywhere. Avoid cities and suburbs at ALL costs!

As of January 2020, 5G was deployed in Canada anyway, despite these sound concerns!

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  1. Lu

    Infowars first raised these issues January 30, 2020 and the Millennial website came up with dire warnings February 2nd. Then a YouTube came out from Dana Ashlie – The Best News re Corona virus you’ve heard all month. Kinda on February 22nd. They are all facing huge censorship from big tech and telecom. I have a website on the general subject that where I have raised this issue. 5G is being forced on us even though they know it is harmful and it is killing people. It is a horror. I think even the people who do not know exactly what is going on, feel the evil around us. Using the internet to address this issue may not out so well. We must talk to our neighbors and care for each other. DO NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS UNTIL SOMEBODY LISTENS You can find my website with suggestions on how to protect yourself at Reject5G(dot)info

    1. Marissa

      Lu, thank you for your comment! Just a little note, though–be careful who you are subscribing to, especially on YouTube. Although these people tread a thin line of Truth, they are usually paid opposition, aka Actors/Actresses. They always complain about being “censored” or they will go so far as to turn their videos into click-bait by giving them the title, “YOU BETTER WATCH THIS BEFORE IT GETS TAKEN DOWN!”– and the video is still there 2 years later with 1+million views. They are market schemes, and if you look into these “opposition” videos that lure in truth-seekers, you’ll find out that these people are no experts–just paid actors/actresses with degrees in things like Marketing and Advertising, have families that work for the government’s agenda, and of course all their thousands of comments on their channels or websites are 100% positive without any contradictions whatsoever (if you don’t believe me, please look all these people’s personal information/backgrounds up!). All these people who have 500,000+ views per video on YouTube, they are obviously not being censored (think about it)! They are marketing themselves as “fringe” and “I’m so dangerous that the government is after me!” Meanwhile, they are selling private information about their subscribers and often are luring “out-of-the-box” thinkers into their “Churches,” and feed off Christians or wayward Christians. The two names you mentioned in your comment–along with other phonies like Joe Rogan, Jenny McCarthy, David Wilcock, SecureTeam10, and even something as fun as CoastToCoastAM have some great content that talks about everything from 5G to Cancer to Vaccines to Aliens, but people really need to listen to ACTUAL SCIENTISTS and ACTUAL DOCTORS and ACTUAL FORMER INSIDERS–people who legitimately are having their YouTube views stuck at under 2000 views so they seem uninteresting, or are having their videos hidden from searches. Be leery of the “popular” ones; you never know what kind of harmful frequencies, subliminal messages, and quick imagery they are putting out in their parroted research content that they stole from real scientists who worked many hours to try to relay these messages years ago and were either “suicided” (i.e. two bullets to the back of the head) or framed for a crime that landed them in prison. You won’t find the authentic researchers with good intentions who don’t sell your personal information to YouTube/Google/23&me (all the same thing), as these genuine people have truly been banned with real threats to themselves and their families. EnslavedbyNoMedia, QNFEE, LetsGetFree, Jewrassic Liar, and several whistleblowers who actually worked for the tech or pharmaceutical companies have either completely disappeared or have had 26+ channels and have had their view counters sabotaged, not to mention they are all DEMONETIZED (that’s the key!). Be careful what you watch–the popular ones are simply “content creators” and paid actors/actresses who have done no research on their own and are leading people astray and ridiculing the Truth using religion/churches, excessive emotion, status, politics, and bits of misinforomation. In doing this they immediately turn something like this 5G = Coronavirus into a Conspiracy Theory that will not be taken seriously. That’s just our advice here, as we at AskMarissa are still grieving the loss of a brilliant medical colleague of ours who was poisoned and died less then 2 weeks ago for her research on vaccine injuries, vaccine activation with 5G and other technology, and the medical cult. But you are absolutely CORRECT in that everyone needs to get out there and talk about what “they’re” doing to us–using us as experiments and laughing at our reactions! Strike up conversations in stores, with friends, with anyone both on the Internet and in person! Thank you SO MUCH for your time and your great comment! We’ll be happy to visit your website, and we appreciate your insight!

      1. Toby

        Hi Marissa!

        5G is causing the SYMPTOMS and physiological damage being seen in the lungs, brain, etc. IT IS NOT CAUSING SPREAD OF THE FAKE DISEASE CALLED CORONAVIRUS.


      2. R.C.

        Hello. I’m very late to the party and maybe no one…with the exception (Maybe??) of Marissa, will read this; but I wanted to share something with you. Just today; I was commenting on a conservative website about the possible 5G/Cov19 connection; and I’m going to copy and paste two comments I received from one person to the two comments I shared, and I’d like to ask you Marissa what you think about what the man wrote to me. First let me say that I personally believe that 5G and ALL electrical/microwave waves DO in FACT have a detrimental effect on ALL of creation, that is my belief; so in sharing this man’s opposing view; I am in no way arguing the points you make on here because I believe them. But I also want to be open-minded on BOTH sides of the coin. So here are the comments that the man wrote to me after I left two comments stating that I believe 5G is very bad for us:

        #1. “Non-ionizing radiation (EMF, RF, 5G, etc.) will only cook you like a microwave oven IF (AND ONLY IF) the power (energy level) measured at your skin, is intense enough, AND the frequency of the RF is in the microwave spectrum! In other words, Radio Frequency radiation is entirely safe to the human body!

        X-rays, and like radiation, ARE capable of causing cellular damage to all living things, but 5G IS NOT subjecting you to such dangers because its energy level is too low, unless you crawled up the tower and stared into the open end of the waveguide and you might then cook your eyeballs!! A cellphone, even a 5G capable one. WILL NOT HARM YOU!!

        The whole 5G/covid thing is a farce carried around by stupid people!”

        #2. “Not insulting at all! Glad to put in my two cents worth! My “view” comes from working around RF transmitting equipment for the past 60 years, and currently holding an Extra Class Amateur Radio license! Some of the transmitting devices I worked around in my inglorious youth were high enough in power to drop seagulls from the RADAR beam they just passed through! “Smokers” we called them back then! I’ve yet to see ANY person be affected by working around that type of equipment!

        As for 60 Hz powerline EMR, there were extensive studies done on chicken eggs, in which hundreds of eggs at a time were exposed in close proximity to high power electrical transmission lines during which time the eggs were carefully incubated until hatched. End result was not a single deformed or injured hatchling, through several rounds of testing!!

        Even microwave energy is non-ionizing; it does its work by vibrating the water molecules at high speed, and the heating action is literally caused by the friction of the water molecules bouncing off the nearby non-water molecules! Working as a Home Entertainment bench technician (TV guy, but with a background in RADAR equipment!) to pay my way through college, I repaired hundreds of broken microwave ovens, from their first arrival into the commercial mainstream. Who doesn’t have a microwave oven in their kitchen today? I’m still very much alive and untouched by my time doing those repairs and testing ovens WITHOUT any safety panels in place!

        Ionizing radiation from X-ray band equipment, or radioactive materials, is a whole different ballpark, obviously! Madam Marie Curie was the first known victim of being exposed to radioactive materials, which resulted in her untimely death! What evolved into the X-ray machines in today’s world likely collected a few victims as well! Bombarding a metallic tungsten target with a stream of high energy electrons, does in fact generate an equally high energy stream of atomic particles capable of penetrating the cells of living organisms (us pink humans) and many types of inorganic matter!

        It is notable that the picture tube (CRT) and high voltage power supplies in original TVs ALSO produced X-ray emissions. We technicians WERE warned about that possibility at the time, and took appropriate precautions!”

        So there you have it; words from someone who; according to him, worked on and with electricity/RF emitting devices for sixty years with no negative effects to his health; and citing studies that were done ‘proving’ (???) no negative effects of RF/electrical fields on fertilized chicken eggs.
        I repeat; though I DO believe that HE, for whatever reason; has suffered no negative effects from his many decades of work on and with various types of electronics/microwaves, etc., that does not mean that they are not harmful; at LEAST in the long-term; I TOTALLY believe that ALL of these things ARE harmful. I would just like someone; whether yourself Marissa or someone else who might happen to get on here two years after you posted this; to help me to understand how and why the gentlemen who wrote to me is wrong.
        Thank you for this site; thank you for all that you do, it’s greatly appreciated.

  2. Ryminister

    Thank you for this very in depth and knowledgeable info. I have been paying attention to the roll out for 5g for quite some time, and the implications it brings.
    The fact our governments haven’t paid attention to any high profile scientists raising the health problems this brings beggars belief. I work in communications, but not on the mobile infrastructure. Just spoken to a friend who said that he’s seen workers on mobile masts today. Now wether they’re upgrading or disconnecting equipment, I don’t know.
    I’ve heard one city where i live, has had an issue whereby a mast was burnt down. Let’s hope this spreads before they get their way.
    Thanks for the read and stay safe.

    1. Marissa

      Thank YOU, Ryminister! It’s feedback and support from in-depth thinkers like you that helps us to have the courage to publish suppressed knowledge and research–especially when it comes to Health. So much of the population relies only on the media for their news and knowledge…and look at what situation we are all in because of this. The Truth has always been reserved for only a select few. Then, there are those who just don’t care, and would rather keep their blissful ignorance, even if only for the sake of continuing their meager existence. They are afraid to speak up for fear of ever experiencing a revolution and having to give up their daily schedules and creature comforts. Then, still, there are those of us who have an unquenchable thirst for Truth, but we’re not of that elite status that is in-the-know.” We have to earn our right to know. We will not back down to anything as we dig for buried information so to eventually expose the Truth. Thanks again for your comment, and the best thing you can do in the midst of all this is not to buy into the fear– “they” feed off that and use it to perpetuate their control. Do whatever you must to protect yourself and those you Love, but just always try to stay one step ahead of “them,” and keep your thoughts pure and positive.

  3. tom

    But we are the crazies for trying to spread this mind opening news. Sheeple are amazing. This was an impending event and no one listened, to them it was yet another Conspiracy Theory. As a species , the Human Race is Doomed.

    1. Marissa

      We Love your comment, Tom! Yeah–*WE* are the crazy ones, right? I see people actually suffocating themselves and breathing in their own toxic, recycled CO2 while wearing masks INSIDE THEIR CARS with their WINDOWS UP. These are the ones who have repeatedly mocked people like you and myself, always giving the knee-jerk reaction by remarking to anything “conspiracy” related that we “should go put on our tin foil hats.” Yeah, these are the idiots choking themselves in an effort to protect themselves from the Holocough– a fake pandemic that, even if it were real, would be about the sheeple locking themselves indoors and soiling their panties over what was formerly known as a “really bad Cold.” I don’t even like to refer to these unthinking imbeciles as “sheep.” We shouldn’t liken these drones to a beautiful creature that actually kicks and screams when it is restrained, held down, or when it senses impending doom. These CovBots do no such thing. You can literally trick them into a building that’s clearly marked “Human Slaughter House” by telling them there’s free 5G and Netflix, and an infinite supply of the fast food of their choice. Hopefully we aren’t doomed as an *entire* species. Perhaps this is just a cull to thin out the RonaTards from the gene pool. Regardless, it’s such a blessing to meet like-minded people like you. Your comment is very much appreciated! Stay Healthy.

  4. Pierre-Antoine Demachy

    Hello Marrisa this is taken from a really informative site you and your readers should look into!

    London CT Publishing says:
    April 26, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    Coronavirus goes a bit further than 5G the writer of this blog has put forward some extraodinary claims…lets keep open minded – Im not medically trained to say this but certain diseases coupled with a “Trigger(s)” can cause a person to become seriously ill,obvious ‘triggers” include poor diet,stress,anxiety etc or physical “triggers” poor air levels,poor drinking water,low quality food.Now understand it another way some folk have the Coronavirus and they are seemingly healthy and perform as normal – however go on to infect others.So a combination of factors Virus + “Trigger” = Serious Illness/Death.
    In the the UK and Europe alot of people are connected with what is know as the New world Order,there are different perceptions however in brief people follow an Order way .Ok if its good then in a sense its not wrong however europe contains alot of Nazis – people that extort,lie,bully and follow orders…its that simple but like Ants in a colony alot of these people operate in a mesh a bit like a wifi receiver when one says it they all do and the reason they can all say or talk about a subject at the same well its simple the ones that participate in mass rallies all get something out of it or for it …..putin another way how people get there jobs and money and their possessions is in many ways the mark of the beast,one mans folly is anothers gain the chinese are the Wests slave labour living in polluted cities where they cant see the sun through the smog…this is serious, whats happened in the West is a break down in the New World order…..Money is only a meaningful substance up to a certain point …whats the point of living in a place where the water is too poisonous to Drink the food is full of Additives and 5g is frying out your brains and having a million dollars in the bank in short you wont live long enough to spend it! Coronavirus is a reflection of the West and the New World order.Ive been writing on Dark Politricks I dont drink Alcohol or eat pork and for certain reasons and admit that Dark Politricks right now is the only place people can get free publishing space …its a long story but in an ongoing Espionage war and times of Emergency a person uses any means necessary!!!..a hidden publisher emerges London CT Publishing.Conspiracy Theories/espionage and crime can share overlaps and links..only a fool would tell you that DNA wasnt engineered..keep that door wide open!! check it out for yourselves many atheists have reviewed their beliefs after reading many of the countless thousands of articles produced on the creation of DNA and only a complete idiot cant see that the proteins found in COVID 19 are similar to HIV strains,now read the following very very carefully and take CAUTION!:

    ” We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag. Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site. The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. This work provides yet unknown insights on 2019-nCoV and sheds light on the evolution and pathogenicity of this virus with important implications for diagnosis of this virus”.

    Get the Idea?…well ive done paralegal work in the past in basic contagious diseases so I kinda get the drift…back to DNA…..somebody somewhere be it Allah,a wizz kid in a Laboratory,a space craft probably ,maybe,kinda like you know – designed it….and if you think Im off my head try this :

    Washington — A conservative lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against China for the coronavirus pandemic, pushing an unsubstantiated claim that the Chinese government developed the virus as an illegal biological weapon to unleash on the world.

    Lawyer Larry Klayman and his group Freedom Watch filed the complaint in federal court in Texas seeking at least $20 trillion from the Chinese government because of its “callous and reckless indifference and malicious acts.”


    Well its one or the other in many respects if you side with the evolutionists be careful because in the time scale of medical history Coronavirus has come from nowhere and paralyzed the world economy coincidence…its up to you guys …in biological warfare and bio terrorism what would you do,create the virus through engineering then the vaxine then make the demand then release it…thats one theory on the other hand say the Russians really have been printing trillions of British Pounds and dumping them into Italian and Arab Banks…mmmmm…

  5. rasha lafreniere

    I’m sure you are one of the best writers money can buy.

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