The fundamental value of this article isn’t what I’m writing. I just want this video to be uploaded and circulated as much as possible. There’s a reason why they want it down and removed from the internet so badly. This documentary is a threat to the medical cult, vaccines and their lies…the lies they have spent billions of dollars on, and have spent a minimum of 50 years conditioning the last 3 generations to support and believe. Well, I think it’s about time we stop giving consent to our collective defilement as a society, for our silence and lack of action/apathy is no different than agreeing or saying, “YES…do whatever you want with me.” Our culture has become one degenerate, filthy, sexually-obsessed, money-hungry, unthinking, infectious disease. And the only way to not become part of this festering disease, is to guard your senses from the rapid fire of psychologically-damaging frequencies, and to strengthen your mind so to disallow any outside thoughts from invading your own thoughts and blocking your intuition. Stay one step ahead of them and their demonic games of usury and entrapment that have been unwritten LAWS since Babylon. One way to protect yourself and your Loved ones and to stay one step ahead is to look for the signs—like in our “Fr33masonry Covid-33 video,” where “33” is the graffiti they use in order to give shout outs to fellow freemasons. It’s the mark of the mason, affirming the fact that they’re behind some world-wide scheme that will harm us “plebs” by minimalizing our abilities to pursue happiness and well-being.

But I digress…

Despite all the worrisome “Deep State” and “How Deep Does This Rabbit Hole Go” issues, always remember that being worrisome is just another form of FEAR. Much that we believe is secret intel, is actually a Psy-Op, especially if you are reading this from within the United States. They absolutely love to play with our rebellious and curious nature as Americans, as that is what the nation was built on. Regardless of what anyone says about, “You think you’re free if you live in “Murikuh?” or “Freedom? Heh, more like FREEDUMB!” … Just keep in mind that these are people who either a.) haven’t been to the United States to see exactly how many liberties we do have or b.) haven’t left the United States long enough to know how many liberties other nations don’t have — and both ‘a’ and ‘b’ have probably been conditioned to hate the last bastion of freedom on Earth, where we still actually have the right to defend our own lives with a firearm, and where we aren’t expected to go hide and wait somewhere while the perpetrator does whatever he/she wishes instead of standing our ground to protect ourselves and our families.

Further along these lines, is one thing that needs to be emphasized: it is that anyone living within the borders of the United States of America is protected by INFORMED CONSENT. Even in an emergency, a family member must consent to treatment for their loved one. With the exception of the military/combat field setting, a life-or-death setting, or a setting in which extreme minimal risk is posed, the doctor must obtain Informed Consent. Vaccines are not minimal risk, and actually contain extremely high risks. Vaccines, when causing disease and injury, can cause astronomical costs to individuals, families and communities. They cause thousands upon thousands of injuries and death each year. As the doctor will most likely not be able to list the ingredients within each vaccine, much less what life-long damage each ingredient has the potential to cause, in addition to the fact that most vaccines have neither been tested nor proven safe enough to even predict what potential harm they could cause, he/she does not have the slightest bit of authority to administer any vaccine to anyone who does not consent. All medical doctors and healthcare workers must have an individual’s consent to administer any medicine or treatment. If consent is denied and the individual refuses further action, self-defense measures may be taken. Furthermore, no elected official, bureaucrat, no random soldier or civilian, and certainly no celebrity may administer medicine at all, much less mandate or force any medicine or treatment–INCLUDING VACCINES–on anyone. This is why, recently, President Trump, who is staunchly against vaccines, handed over any vaccine programs for those who wish to be vaccinated from rich civilian doctors who get richer with each administered vaccine — at $489 a pop × 331Million people = $195BILLION divvied up between the (((medical cult))) and (((The Gates Foundation/Pirbright Institute))) — to the Military physicians — who cap out at approximately $85K/year with NO big-buck commissions or incentives from Big Pharm:

1. Vaccines for Normies & Karens

Normies and Karens nationwide are naively (and temporarily) appeased that there will be a vaccine program, albeit a completely voluntary one.

2. Vaccines & President Trump

President Trump said, “The United States will overcome the coronavirus crisis with or without an effective vaccine … it will go away at some point either way,” thus showing that he completely understands how the Human Virome works, and that RNA viruses (which include Coronaviridae and Rhinoviridae) will not be eradicated with a vaccine, hence why there is no vaccine for something as simple as the Common Cold.

Trump expressing his views on vaccine choice.
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3. Creepy Nerd Bill Gates

The World must know that Bill Gates’ involvement and administration in the Research & Development of any vaccine must be assessed as 100% dangerous and destructive. This lunatic has been the culprit in too many vaccine injuries and deaths around the world during his vast vaccine campaign (aka experimentation) on children. Fortunately, Trump has shattered Bill Gates’ dream of a depopulation agenda by putting the Military in charge of any vaccine administration (as was previously summarized in this article). Many hear “Military involvement,” and panic. But there is more to this, especially if you are looking at it through the eyes of a man who has never even received a flu shot. The Military is far above Gates (or any idiot celebrity) in authority, and this just demoted him back to “creepy nerd” status, instead of the fake health expert he pretends to be in order to depopulate the Earth. The Military will see to it that any vaccines (administered to those only those who actually want it) have a verifiable U.S. source, are clean, and remain completely untampered with prior to use. We are not pro-vaccination by any means here, but hey–at least the Mindless Masses who do willingly line up for a vaccine will know where it’s coming from. Here is a quote from Gates in 2010 during a TEDx Talk, in which openly admitted his sick (literally) agenda:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [population growth rate] by, perhaps 10 or 15 percent”.

Bill Gates

4. Who Funds WHO

Trump not only halted American funds to the corrupt WHO (of course, based in Switzerland), but he also announced the complete dissolution of U.S. ties with them. The United States was previously WHO’s biggest donor, from whom it had received $3.5BILLION from U.S. taxpayers since 2010. President Trump stated that he would rather fund more reliable, verifiable Public Health organizations that actually have their interests vested in the welfare of the people and making the current population healthier–not in a depopulation agenda, and making money off sick people in the meantime.

5. H.R. Bill 6666

Fear-mongerers have been spreading falsehoods about H.R. Bill 6666. Upon review, it can be concluded that there is not one mention of anything being “mandatory” or “forced” anywhere in the Bill. As a matter of fact, it has been provided to the public with all the text and references in links, including 42 USC 290dd-2, which is a brief document that touches on the necessity of written consent. Additionally, it serves as an valuable document in respect to individual/patient confidentiality for any treatment, procedure, or institutionalization, including the consent to undergo “research” (i.e. written consent to be experimented on, or to be the subject of medicine that is not yet out of the trial phase and considered “safe,” etc.).

On a final note, always remember that if any doctor or healthcare worker tries to deceive you into becoming a participant in the Vaccine Agenda, ask them to sign a document that states that they will financially compensate you and your family, and assume all the responsibility if you become injured or die from the unspecified ingredients of the vaccine they plan to administer.

Enjoy the Documentary. 🙂

“Plandemic” 2020; directed/produced by Mikki Willis; featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits
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“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

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