Cancer Is Not Deadly: The "Treatments" Are

Have you recently received the dreaded cancer diagnosis? It’s almost like getting a pink slip from Life…with such-and-such amount of time to clear your desk and vacate the premises, but remaining hopeful that the big boss will change his mind and let you stay. Well, we’ve got news for you:

Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence!!!

Your doctor might give you “options.” These “options” might include “treatments” such as:

⬢ Chemotherapy
⬢ Radiation
⬢ Hormone Therapy
⬢ Surgery
⬢ A combination of the above

Your doctor might also “forget” to disclose the failure rates of these treatment options. Some optimistic sources will say that the success rate is 5%-8%, but the truth is indisputable. No matter how they try to skew the statistics and try to manipulate ultimate causes of cancer deaths on death certificates as cardiac failure, emaciation, sepsis, aneurysm, or maybe they will even put cancer— but none of these are the ultimate causes of death. We all know that the ultimate causes of death were a direct consequence of the side effects of the harsh and ignorant “treatments.” Find out if your doctor will be honest about the woeful success rates of living a healthy and unrestricted life without any long-term, lingering complications or permanent disfigurements from the poisonous or barbaric treatments, and/or dying from them. The success rate is closer to 3%. That leaves a 97% FAILURE rate with modern cancer treatments.

You might have the courage to ask your doctor, “Is there anything less invasive or maybe even holistic that I can try?”

And his answer will be something to the effects of, “If your insurance covers it, you can supplement acupuncture or massage therapy with your chemotherapy/radiation/hormone therapy/surgery.”

How does this make you feel?

⬢ Scared
⬢ Angry
⬢ Pissed off
⬢ Confused
⬢ Crushed
⬢ Hopeless
⬢ Grief-stricken
⬢ Overwhelmed
⬢ Like everything is suddenly crashing down on you like an avalanche?

We get it. You don’t want to die like this.

And you don’t have to.

You’re off to a good start by doing your research, and God has brought you to the right place. We at are READY to get YOU ready to live. Get it out of your head that you have to “prepare” for the treatments or “prepare” for the worst or “prepare” your children for that 97% failure rate with these inhumane cancer “treatments.”

No. You need to get READY to change your life, and shake off everything that originally caused the cancer. For that, we are already ready to get you ready. It’ll take a complete 180-degree change in your perspectives on life and your habits, both in thinking habits and physical habits…as well as an erasure of the conditioning that led you to the illusion of “what is normal.” We are NOT living normal lives now in this day and age, and it should NOT be so normal to come down with cancer. You were meant to live a happy, fulfilling, active life doing what you love with those you love, and without the looming fear of being stricken by the cancer lottery that has the greatest odds of any lottery at 1 out of 4 will win a cancer diagnosis. That’s not the life that God wanted for us…that’s certainly not the life that God wants for you. So, will you let us help you? Please call us. We WANT to help you. You will NEVER feel alone or hopeless or taken advantage of with us. We promise that you will not be just another specimen number or feel like a human experiment, because while few will admit it, that’s what cancer patients are.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

We live in a society where Cancer remains the second-leading cause of death globally…a society where an estimated 1 in 6 will die from cancer, and 1 in 3 will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. We are a society that witnessed approximately 9.6 million Cancer deaths in 2018, despite also witnessing $107billion spent on Cancer “treatments.” Expenses are projected to rise to $150 billion by the end of 2020. It is totally understandable that citizens are FINALLY losing trust and hope in the sham that Western Medicine is, as each individual new Cancer patient is estimated to spend a minimum $50,000 in treatments. In 2019 a Cancer diagnosis remains a literal death sentence for most, and if the Cancer doesn’t kill them, the only 5 approved treatments such chemotherapy, surgeries, hormone therapy, radiation or a combination of the 4 — coupled with bankruptcy — will weaken them so much that cancer recurrence is almost inevitable.

We at AskMarissa are convinced that Mother Earth has provided all the tools for cancer treatments. Contrary to the medical monopoly which survives on cancer patients’ chronic sickness…and their money,  our mission at AskMarissa is to teach you how to Heal yourself…with our guidance…using the NATURAL medical resources that Mother Earth has abundantly and inexpensively provided to each of her sons and daughters through alternative cures that were banned by the medical monopoly. These alternative cures were banned and vilified not because of their inefficiency or toxicity. No. They were banned or remain unheard of to the majority because once cured, a healthy patient no longer suffers…and therefore, and no longer brings in money.

It can be hard to deprogram yourself from the money-hungry medical monopoly scams, but once you do, a wonderful and healthy future awaits.

We invite you — before you reach any consensus, or use pre-programmed buzz words such as “Quacks” to criticize us. — to please, watch the videos below. Thank you, and please feel free to contact us anytime for anything!

Vitamin B17; An Alternative Cure

Now that you are aware that Western Medicine is not what our bodies crave. Vitamin B17 or Amygdalin becomes a logical alternative treatment. The 1974, A World Without Cancer – The Story of Vitamin B17 documentary below explains why. Since the documentary often gets banned from Youtube, the link to the documentary video could be broken, if so, please advice us. Until then, if you desire to watch the documentary, do a web-search for: A World Without Cancer – The Story of Vitamin B17 by G. Edward Griffin.

Ready to try Natural Cancer Treatments?

Alkaline Diet + Vitamin B17 + Positiveness

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